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Welcome to! This is the world's first and only Ronnie James Dio site devoted especially to all the "crew". A little about Niji; Niji Mgt. is the management team for the band "DIO"-featuring the greatest voice in Rock... Ronnie James Dio. Niji is run by the one and only Wendy Dio! Also when DIO goes on tour it's Niji who is in charge of putting together the crew that brings DIO's music to a town near you. Here you will find all the information you ever wanted and maybe didn't want to know about the cast of people that bring you the "magic" of Ronnie James Dio. Most people just go to a concert at about the time it's scheduled to start and have absolutely no idea what it entailed to get it to that point.  Well that's all about to change as this site is all about giving credit where credit is due!!! This site is especially dedicated to not only the management but to all past/present & future personnel who've labored behind the scenes.

These pages are all about the artists behind the artists who create the "magic" behind the "magic"...thank you!


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* *These pages are a "work in progress" due to the fact that I need to research some 30 years of touring and some of the people are no longer in the music business 


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