A special message from Joey Patton and Family to Wendy Dio:


Today our hearts are weeping for we have lost the Godfather of Rock-n-Roll and a true American Hero!  Not only was he the greatest singer to walk this planet but he was also one of the most gracious people too! We can barely imagine the pain that you and your friends and families and crew are going through. We always considered ourselves close and personal fans but somehow you both always made us feel more like family...and that's why this is all the more difficult for us. I think we must all remember what Ronnie said......“Life’s not a wheel, with chain’s made of steel, so bless me”, and May God Please Bless, our Man on the Silver Mountain"! Thank you both so very much for all the personal Love & Magic you have so freely given to my family and me (and to all the millions of fans around the world).  We only hope & pray that all of OUR  Love & Magic now be cast upon you and Ronnie and all your friends/family/crew at this time of need! If there is anything at all that we can possibly offer please let us know!


And to all of the family, friends, fans and crew-“You’re all Rainbows"!


With Love~The Patton Family~ San Diego, CA


The above photo is of the entire Patton family with "THE GODFATHER"  in San Diego!


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